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Journey Home works with adolescent males who have been unable to be successfully placed in a family setting. These youth typically exceed lengths of stay in other settings, yet with the appropriate supports and services they will be able to successfully transition home or to an intensive foster home. The goal of Journey Home is to provide brief intensive services while reintegrating the youth back into the community. A trauma informed approach across all levels of services aids in the success of the youth.

CLINICAL: Journey Home maintains a strength based, trauma informed approach to treatment and service delivery, utilizing a number of modalities and best practices designed to the meet the individualized needs of the youth and family. Clinical service delivery is family driven, youth guided and community focused. A menu of therapies and educational groups are offered to the youth during their stay at Journey Home.

ACADEMICS: Journey Home works in collaboration with the Attleboro School Department to insure that each youth has an appropriate educational plan and setting. Some of the youth attend the local neighborhood school while others may attend a day program. Journey Home eoploys a full time case manager to coordinate all educational services. Additionally the program has access to educational consultants to advocate on behalf of the youth. In-house tutoring and MCAS prepration support is also available.

FOSTER CARE MATCH: During the stay at Journey Home we will work diligently at matching a youth with a foster family from our intensive foster care program. We maintain that each youth needs a family-like setting where they can be nurtured and cared for by adults who can make a long-term commitment.

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